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  • Mezzaluna Pizzeria & Ristorante New Port Richey logo

    Mezzaluna's Pizzeria &...

    Their stuffed, breaded eggplant is out of this world, while their Athena, white cheese and garlic pizza, is to die for!  Mezzaluna Pizzeria & Ristorante also offers you a variety of grinders and pita wraps as well as a fantastic baked spaghetti and cheese dish for the kids.  If you’re a seafood fanatic, you will absolutely love their linguine and clams... » Read More

  • Thr Hanger Restaurant Flight Lounge logo

    The Hangar Restaurant &...

    The Hangar Restaurant & Flight Lounge is the ideal spot for a romantic night for two!  The Hangar Restaurant & Flight Lounge accompanies a private terminal of the Albert Whitted Airport where you can enjoy airport tours, the National Airlines museum as well as an education center.  » Read More


    Preferred Pools and Patios

    Preferred Pools and Patios is New Port Richey’s choice for residential or commercial pools!  As an excellent pool building company, Preferred Pools and Patios will give you the best quality swimming pool for your entire family to enjoy! » Read More

  • Advanced Pool Service logo

    Advanced Pool Service

    Surprise your neighbors by having the best looking pool on the block!  Advanced Pool Service is a certified, insured, professional swimming pool repair and service company to the Citrus, Hernando, Paco and New Port Richey area.  » Read More

  • The Reef Chief Charters logo New Port Richey

    The Reef Chief Charters

     The Reef Chief Charters provides you and your family with the ultimate fishing experience!  Enjoy the Florida sun while making memories that will last your entire lifetime!The Reef Chief Charters gives you the option to take trips at different time increments for your convenience.  The Reef Chief Charters takes you on a memorable 18 to... » Read More

  • Island Paradise Charters New Port Richey logo

    Experience paradise with...

    If you’re looking for a taste of that Florida paradise, Island Paradise Charters has the perfect activities for you.  From sunset dinner cruises to island and river adventure cruises to special event cruise packages, you can revel in Florida’s tropical paradise. Located in beautiful New Port Richey only a few miles north of Tampa and a short drive from Disney and... » Read More

  • American Balloon New Port Richey balloon ride

    Take to the skies on an...

    Experience the beauty of a Florida sunrise; see the breathtaking terrain in a way you never have before; go where the wind takes you. Take a ride with American Balloons!Specializing in hot air balloon adventures throughout the East Pasco and Northern Hillsborough county areas, American Balloons offers you a whole new way to experience the world around you.    » Read More

  • Florida Aquarium logo

    The Florida Aquarium

     The Tampa Florida Aquarium has endless activities for everyone!  From their outstanding shark and endangered turtle exhibits to Wild Dolphin Cruises, you will understand why so many families love The Florida Aquarium. The Florida Aquarium has an impressive 2-acre water zone for children to play in outdoors!  The Cantina bar and grill is... » Read More

  • City Bike Tampa New Port Richey logo

    City Bike Tampa

    Downtown Tampa’s large expanse of urban attractions is the perfect place to ride anything from a cruiser bike to a lightweight road racing bicycle to anything in between, and City Bike Tampa is a full service specialty bike shop that will help you do that. They are your one-stop shop for bike rentals, tours, sales, service, repairs, parts and accessories. Offering a broad... » Read More

  • The Tropics Boat Tours New Port Richey logo

    The Tropics Boat Tours is fun...

    There is no better way to tour the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico than with The Tropics Boat Tours, which provide a memorable experience with a tropical atmosphere and activities for both adults and children. A boat tour and excursion company, The Tropics Boat Tours of Clearwater Beach provides tours of both the intracoastal waterway of Pinellas County and the Gulf of... » Read More

  • Kiddy Up Farms logo

    Endless Benefits

     Their friendly horses absolutely love children and the therapeutic benefits are endless!  Researchers have found that therapeutic riding, such as the riding offered at Kiddy Up Farms, gives many physical, mental and emotional rewards for the rider!  The rider learns to balance and gains flexibility as well as improving coordination.  The rider has a lot... » Read More

  • Boulevard Beef & Ale New Port Richey logo

    Boulevard Beef & Ale

     With a reputation for serving first-rate, high quality food, Boulevard Beef & Ale is proud to be serving the best New Port Richey steaks to residents and tourists alike for over a decade!Their delicious meals are all prepared right on location and cooked to your ideal temperature and taste!  Their expert chefs warmly invite you and your guests to watch them... » Read More

  • Old City Helicopters New Port Richey logo

    See the sights with Old City...

    There’s no better way to get to know an area than from the air, and you’ve never experienced Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and the Beaches until you’ve flown with Old City Helicopters. Their helicopter tours will provide you with the ride of your life.  You’ll feel like you’re on a magic carpet ride as you fly low and fast over the water, spotting... » Read More - Featured Columnists
  • Throughout the Years:...

    Sitcomshave become an integral part of American television culture. Back in the daysbefore Comcast On-Demand, Netflix, Tevo and the like, we would anxiouslywait for the new episode of Rosanne, or gather with friends to watch,well, Friends. Many of us grew up with our evening TV watching builtaround the family’s favorite sitcoms. » Read More

  • Great Reasons to Use VMware...

    One of the greatest eaters of money in the business world is downtime. When you have all of your employees at work and something has gone wrong with the computer system and they are unable to access their data, your company is going to be losing money. This is frustrating for any business owner or manager, and most of the time, you feel helpless to do anything about it. If you have too much... » Read More

  • Silver Gains Popularity as an...

    When you think about investing in precious metals, then gold is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Gold is, of course, the standard by which world economies are measured. It has long been revered, since ancient civilizations first discovered it. Gold is an excellent choice for investment purchases, but it is not the only precious metal that has the ability to secure your wealth. » Read More

Meet Your New Port Richey Community!
If you are thinking of visiting or moving to the New Port Richey community then you should know something about the culture of the city. This is...
 Things To Do
Things To Do
What Are Some Popular Attractions In New Port Richey, FL?
Are you visiting New Port Richey, FL? Do not conclude that you have to play golf, walk around museums and tour City Hall if those are not your...
What Are the Best New Port Richey, FL Hotels to Choose?
There are a few dozen hotels to choose from in the New Port Richey area. Some of these hotels are luxurious hotels with modern amenities and...
  • Are you considering...

    Are you considering Invisalign braces to straighten your teeth?  Not surprising since recent studies have shown that more than one-third of American adults are unhappy with their smile. » Read More

  • St. Pete Powersports

    As St. Petersburg, Florida's favorite dealership of sports vehicles, St. Pete Powersports offers a wide selection of new and used motorcycles, from cruisers, adventurers and supersports to dual purpose, motocross, off-road and sports bikes, as well as watercrafts, ATVs and scooters. Among their vast collection are the industry's top brands, including Kawasaki, Victory, Triumph and... » Read More

  • Is it Better to Specialize...

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  • Does Weather Affect your...

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  • The Benefits of...

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  • Massage Tables for Sale at...

    One of the most widely used and versatile pieces of spa equipment is the massage table. This piece allows you to provide a tremendous range of services and treatments even if you have limited space. When exploring massage tables for sale at, it can be helpful to keep in mind the different services that you are planning to offer and any aspirations for growth that you... » Read More

  • Reasons to Consider Palm...

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  • Compression Socks Provide...

    Compression socks are therapeutic hosiery that is mainly designed to increase a patient's blood circulation and provide additional leg support. These are prescribed for patients who may suffer from edema or swelling. This is often caused by blood not circulating throughout the legs and feet properly, but pooling in specific areas. Patients often experience immediate relief with compression... » Read More

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Whats to Eat at New Port Richey, FL Restaurants?
If you are wondering what is for dinner in New Port Richey, then wonder no more! New Port Richey has a variety of types of cuisine for your...
 Real Estate
Real Estate
What Is the Scoop on New Port Richey, FL Real Estate?
If you are thinking of investing in New Port Richey, FL real estate, then you are a shrewd business thinker. There is plenty of potential here...
What Can You Buy From New Port Richey Shopping Malls?
After you play in the Playful City and visit all the many museums and golf courses, it may be time to take it easy and start looking around for...
New Port Richey Latest Blog Posts
The Beautiful Outdoor Attractions of New Port Richey

There is only so much clubbing a person can do before he or she starts to desire the joys of Mother Nature. The clean smells of nature, the sounds of running water and the beautiful sun on a spring daythis is what makes New Port Richey great. However, you dont have to sit mindlessly on a park bench to enjoy the great outdoors. You can tour any of these exterior attractions.First, we have...

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The Party Side of New Port Richey

We all know that New Port Richey, FL is a serious historical city, right? What about the party scene? Is this a fun city to hang out with friends or is it too stuffy for younger demographics?...

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A Beautiful Spring Day in New Port Richey, FL

As the weather turns sunny outside and the work cubical becomes harder to endure, ones thoughts drift to outdoors fun. Luckily, there is plenty to keep you busy and active in New Port Richey, FL....

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Welcome to New Port Richey, FL!

What can you expect to find in New Port Richey, FL? This city is found in Pasco County, Florida. It is part of the major metropolitan area that encompasses Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. It is part of the Tampa Bay area, a place filled with major attractions and a large population.

The estimated population of this city is over 26,000 people. New Port Richey, Florida has been called the Playful City. It is considered one of the fastest growing communities in Florida and has been touted as such by the St. Petersburg Times. This city combines rich geography, serene weather, relaxing beaches and exciting shopping centers. It is also a city that has a significant amount of culture and big business. It is nearby other major Florida cities but has a lively and vibrant ambiance in its own right.

This West Central area has a total area of about four and a half miles. Towards the West you will see the Gulf of Mexico, and throughout the city you will find parts of the Pithlachascotee River.

New Port Richey, FL is considered part of the Tampa Bay area, a mecca filled with major attractions and hot spots for recreation, sports and culture. Tourists are in for a lot of fun because this is one of the best places for mild summers and moderately cool winters. Even in the middle of winter, temperatures seldom drop below 60 degrees. The average annual rainfall is about 52 inches.

New Port Richey jobs are usually based in retail, healthcare, or citrus products. Other than that, the major employers of the area are the local government, the hospital and the school district. There is a lot of sports enthusiasm in the air, as this city makes up Tampa Bay, which claims ownership of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Lightning.

There are a variety of New Port Richey hotels to choose from, including the Ramada Inn Bayside hotel and the River Side Inn, as well as New Port Richey restaurants like Asia Buffet, Amici Pizza and Beef OBradys. Come sample this Playful City and stay for the perfect weather!

Current Weather For New Port Richey, Florida
Sunny, 55°F on Saturday, February 13, 2016
7 Day Forecast

Mostly Clear
HI: 41°F

Partly Cloudy
HI: 65°F
LO: 50°F

Partly Cloudy
HI: 71°F
LO: 58°F

Partly Cloudy
HI: 75°F
LO: 66°F

Scattered T-Storms
HI: 77°F
LO: 69°F

HI: 78°F
LO: 65°F

HI: 70°F
LO: 51°F
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New Port Richey Daily News
Legislation would limit release of police body cam video
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 14th, 2015 6:42PM
A bill that would limit the types of law enforcement body camera videos that could be released to the public was revised in the Florida Senate...
Pasco commission hears update on renewed effort to extend Ridge Road
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 14th, 2015 12:03PM
NEW PORT RICHEY ? Fifteen years after filing for an Army Corps of Engineers permit for a new east-west highway between Moon Lake and Land...
Surge in donations could give reprieve to senior clinic
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 14th, 2015 8:56AM
NEW PORT RICHEY ? Nearly 400 patients who can?t afford health insurance could still have the option to go to the CARES Senior Health Clinic if a...
2 people, ages 78 and 83, dead after crash with semi in Pasco
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 12th, 2015 12:36PM
Two people from New Port Richey died Sunday after their car was rear-ended by a tractor trailer at a
New Port Richey man and woman killed in State Road 54 crash
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 12th, 2015 11:42AM
A New Port Richey man and woman were killed in a car crash Sunday morning on State Road 54 in Pasco County, according to Florida Highway Patrol.
Florida Bee Swarm Sends Three To Hospital
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 11th, 2015 10:32PM
Three people hospitalized after being stung dozens of times by bees from a massive wild hive in New Port Richey, Florida.
FHP releases ID of Hudson motorcyclist killed Thursday
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 11th, 2015 2:21PM
The Florida Highway Patrol has released the identity of a Hudson motorcyclist who was killed in a cr
Hudson motorcyclist killed in crash in New Port Richey
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 10th, 2015 12:32PM
A 55-year-old Hudson man died on Thursday night after his motorcycle collided with a pickup truck that turned in front of him in New Port Richey...
Pasco man, 55, killed in motorcycle crash
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 10th, 2015 10:51AM
A 55-year-old Hudson man was killed in a crash Thursday night while riding a motorcycle. According
One dead in motorcycle crash in New Port Richey
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 10th, 2015 9:47AM
A man on a motorcycle died late Thursday when he was hit by a truck in New Port Richey, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
New Port Richey Injury Attorney James Magazine Selected as Top One Percent by Peers
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 9th, 2015 7:19AM
The National Association of Distinguished Counsel has selected New Port Richey Injury Lawyer James Magazine as a member of the Nation?s Top One...
Ex-MLB pitcher sets sights on bowling career
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 8th, 2015 11:11AM
NEW PORT RICHEY ? Former Major League pitching star John Burkett?s career as an athlete enters a new chapter when the two-time all-star begins his...
Bash at the Ranch to honor retiring PHSC president
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 7th, 2015 2:42PM
NEW PORT RICHEY ? Pasco-Hernando State College Foundation will celebrate the tenure of retiring President Katherine Johnson during its 2015 Bash...
Bee attack sends three to hospital
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 6th, 2015 4:09PM
Rescue crews responded to a report of a bee attack in New Port Richey, Florida Sunday afternoon in which three people were hospitalized.
Three men hospitalized in Florida bee attack
Source: Yahoo News | Apr 6th, 2015 12:53PM
Three men were hospitalized after being attacked by thousands of bees when they tried to extract honey from their hive, authorities in the state...
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